Big week this week, 12th April, non-essential shops were allowed to open. It has been nice to see some familiar faces. I had a few busy days at the beginning of the week. I even had queues at one point.

I have had to keep shop and website stock separate as I didn’t want to sell something in the shop and get home to find it had also been purchased online. The consequence of this is I have been to and fro from shop to store room all week and having to check my phone before selling then hoping no one purchased online before I got home and adjusted stock.

I would ask if you are coming to the shop for a specific yarn check the website first. If it’s available, buy it online to collect and pay at the shop. That way you know I have it and it will be ready for you the following day. I still have some stock at home as I am only taking to the shop (daily) what I can carry. Two customers have wanted wool which I do have but not in the market, which has meant a return trip for them.

Friday was the 16th April so it has been 3 years ago since I took over Knitters Corner.

I have been asking what people think of the new website. Two (big) things have been mentioned. The first was that it was difficult to find colours where there was a high number of colour choices, so I have started changing each yarn to a drop down so that colours are easier to find. The other was mentioned to me on Tuesday in the shop – the lack of patterns. The biggest problem with patterns was the postage. Buying a pattern with wool should be straight forward but without wool you would have been charged £3.20 for postage. I set myself the task of allocating a lesser postage rate for patterns and accessories. This has now been sorted and postage and packing (hard backed A4 envelope) is now £1.10.

Free postage will be applied to all orders over £25.00. This will be deducted at the checkout automatically.

I have noticed this morning if you are buying on the website and you have Norton it is giving you a security alert. Norton warns that the site is secure but is a new site. There is nothing I can do about the message- only purchases from a device with Norton will eventually clear this message.

There are still some bargains in the clearance section of the website, some with free patterns.

Feel free to comment on the blog. Any ideas or suggestions will be looked at. I want everyone to have a great shopping experience at Knitters Corner &

Long Blog this week but I did miss last week.

Happy Knitting