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Welcome to all things woolly. While the rest of the world has slowed down during the pandemic the development of exciting new yarns has continued.

I supply some of the top names in wool both online and in my shop. Stocked are Stylecraft, Sirdar, Hayfield, James Brett, King Cole and West Yorkshire Spinners (limited stock). Coming soon and an old favourite we thought had gone forever when the company ceased trading last year (read on).

Out now the new Stylecraft You and Me this is a self-striping Fair Isle effect yarn, meaning that it does the work for you, 6 shades with its own patterns. It is what I call lazy wool and one of the reasons people and (I include myself here) cannot knit Fair Isle or have tried and not persevered as it is easier to buy a wool that does it for you. All you need to do is knit a row and purl a row. No fighting with 3 different balls of wool to achieve the Fair Isle pattern you want.

RRP £4.95 205m 80% Premium Acrylic and 20% Cashmere Effect Polyamide.

Also out from Stylecraft later this month Wondersoft baby 2 ply with a cashmere feel but actually manmade fibres, stock due in at the end of the month. I have always found it difficult to get 2 ply in any other colour than white. The new colours are White Cream, Lemon, Pink, Mint, Blue, Jeans and Silver.

RRP £4.75 for 850m 50 % acrylic and 50% polyamide.

Stylecraft Baby Bambino DK Prints are introducing5 new colours to add to the 4 existing ones introduced last year, with new patterns. Watch this site; as soon as they arrive they will be available to buy.

£3.50- 100g 268m 100% premium Acrylic

I am always being asked for Wendy or Peter Pan wools but I have never stocked either of them. Last summer the company that owned and distributed Wendy and Peter Pan went into receivership. There is still a bit of these yarns around on various websites. The good news is the name was purchased and the brand is being re-introduced. I have checked and no stockist in West Yorkshire have yet bought into the brand. I am awaiting confirmation of my account details then will be ordering 100% Aran which comes in 200G balls at around £8 and the Peter Pan baby yarn. Once again once it arrives it will be available to buy on my website.

I think that’s all for now but there will be something exciting to introduce to you later on. Please check the clearance section on my website for some real bargains. When buying on the website you can have your purchases posted out to you or collect them from the shop, located in the Victorian Halifax Borough Market as Click and Collect. The great thing about the website is you can check we have what you want before you travel (if you are local).

Keep safe everyone and keep knitting/crocheting.