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June 2021 part 2

Well how quiet has the last two weeks been? There must be a lot of really tidy gardens out there. Having said that Aran is selling really well at the moment as is sock wool.

I have received letters from James Brett, Sirdar and Hayfield price increases in July. There have been increases in Acrylic and all other aspects of yarn production so it has been unavoidable. I am going to try to get some orders in before the increase takes effect-save a bit of money. However once current stocks have been sold knitting wool will be increasing. I anticipate both Stylecraft and King Cole will be following but as yet I have not received any notice.

Remember free postage will be applied to all orders over £25.00. This will be deducted at the checkout automatically.

There are still some bargains in the clearance section of the website, some with free patterns. I have added King Cole BIG to the sale items, Big super chunky knits on 15mm. Also added is Stylecraft Regatta. Have a look you may find a bargain.

Happy Knitting

June 2021

It’s that time of year when all the knitting and crocheting slows down. The weather improves (sometimes) and we all turn to gardening, walking or just days out. This week as been particularly quiet possibly due to the hot weather, school holidays or that this is the first time it’s been possible to go on a family holiday following the lifting of some restrictions in April. Rain is forecast for tomorrow here in Halifax. To try and move some yarn I have been reducing some of my prices.

People who are still knitting are on with Aran’s, hats and gloves, must be an indication of our poor weather at the moment that winter knitting has begun early this year.

Note to self, next orders get knitting patterns for hats and gloves.

I have just got some new yarns, well new to me; they came out earlier in the year or last year. But due to the shop being closed for various periods of time due to Covid, I have only just got around to ordering them. King Cole Paradise Beaches (12 colours in DK), Summer 4 Ply (multi coloured yarn in 6 colours).

The Sirdar rep called this week and I have ordered some new yarns which come out in August-exciting.

James Brett have announced another price increase from 1/7/21 and I anticipate Sirdar and King Cole will be following.

Remember free postage will be applied to all orders over £25.00. This will be deducted at the checkout automatically.

There are still some bargains in the clearance section of the website, some with free patterns. There is some Sublime Baby Cashmere for £4.20 reduced from £6.20 (limited colours left). Sirdar No. 1 (Crepe) was £5.49 now £4.80. King Cole Fjord £4.39 reduced to £3.65. King Cole Big Value BIG was £7.29 now £6.00 (15mm needles). James Brett Flutterby was £3.80 now £3.50. King Cole Forest Aran was £3.50 now £2.80. King Cole 100% Merino 500g cones £22.00 reduced to £21.00. King Cole Cotton Soft Was £4.30 now £4.00. James Brett Baby 4 ply cones, 500g, was £9.50 now £8.50. All reduced prices are for web sales and not in the shop. Have a look you may find a bargain.

Happy Knitting

The First Three Weeks

Well it’s been three weeks since non-essential shops were allowed to open. It has been nice to see some familiar faces. Footfall has been a little disappointing after the first week. People are still staying at home. Many people have had one or both vaccines and hopefully this will encourage people to get back to (near) normal. Although the vaccine will not prevent us from getting Covid it should prevent it being so severe that we need to be hospitalised and give us all some “sensible” normality

I am in the process of reviewing my prices. All website prices are currently based on the RRP. I am looking to reduce some of the more popular yarns. Lines that sell quicker I feel I can reduce a little. The website is still new (just 11 weeks). I am trying to get a regular customer base so that people return. As the stock starts to sell, prices can be reviewed further. However, once I have reviewed them King Cole, Sirdar/Hayfield and James Brett are going to be increasing their prices in the summer, Stylecraft increased there’s on 1st April, so I am not sure how long the new prices will last. This is in part due to Covid and the difficulties getting goods from overseas and the cost of acrylic (which is in most yarns). This has increased by 100% this year.

Yarns reduced on the website so far are King Cole Forest Aran was £3.50 now £3.00, Stylecraft Bambino was £3.10 now £2.65 and King Cole Giza 4 Ply was £2.40 now £2.25, Merino 500g cones reduced by £1 to £21.00 and Flutterby reduced to £3.50

More knitting patterns have been added to the website over the Bank Holiday weekend.

I have stock on the website that I do not have in the shop and vice versa. If you are coming down to the shop for a specific yarn you have seen on the website it may be wise to buy to “pay and collect”. Some yarns not in the shop are Stylecraft You and Me, Sirdar Shawlie, Sublime Merino/Silk DK and 4 ply (sale items), Sirdar Pattercake, King Cole Giza 4 ply, Merino 500g 4 ply cones and King Cole Cotton Soft. Some stock is not kept in the shop so it would be the following day for collection.

The shopping cart has now been update and Free Postage will be applied to all orders over £25.00. This will now be deducted at the checkout automatically.

There are still some bargains in the clearance section of the website, some with free patterns.

Still to come, more patterns and accessories including craft bags. I was going to add KnitPro Zing knitting needles but I have decided the postage to ensure the needles were not bent in transit makes the needles too expensive (the postage would be the same cost as the smaller sized needles).

Happy Knitting

Feedback from Customers & Free P&P

Big week this week, 12th April, non-essential shops were allowed to open. It has been nice to see some familiar faces. I had a few busy days at the beginning of the week. I even had queues at one point.

I have had to keep shop and website stock separate as I didn’t want to sell something in the shop and get home to find it had also been purchased online. The consequence of this is I have been to and fro from shop to store room all week and having to check my phone before selling then hoping no one purchased online before I got home and adjusted stock.

I would ask if you are coming to the shop for a specific yarn check the website first. If it’s available, buy it online to collect and pay at the shop. That way you know I have it and it will be ready for you the following day. I still have some stock at home as I am only taking to the shop (daily) what I can carry. Two customers have wanted wool which I do have but not in the market, which has meant a return trip for them.

Friday was the 16th April so it has been 3 years ago since I took over Knitters Corner.

I have been asking what people think of the new website. Two (big) things have been mentioned. The first was that it was difficult to find colours where there was a high number of colour choices, so I have started changing each yarn to a drop down so that colours are easier to find. The other was mentioned to me on Tuesday in the shop – the lack of patterns. The biggest problem with patterns was the postage. Buying a pattern with wool should be straight forward but without wool you would have been charged £3.20 for postage. I set myself the task of allocating a lesser postage rate for patterns and accessories. This has now been sorted and postage and packing (hard backed A4 envelope) is now £1.10.

Free postage will be applied to all orders over £25.00. This will be deducted at the checkout automatically.

I have noticed this morning if you are buying on the website and you have Norton it is giving you a security alert. Norton warns that the site is secure but is a new site. There is nothing I can do about the message- only purchases from a device with Norton will eventually clear this message.

There are still some bargains in the clearance section of the website, some with free patterns.

Feel free to comment on the blog. Any ideas or suggestions will be looked at. I want everyone to have a great shopping experience at Knitters Corner &

Long Blog this week but I did miss last week.

Happy Knitting

The Final Countdown

Blog 3, The Final Countdown

Here we are one week to go before re-opening. All is set in the shop (or it will be by next weekend). Shop will re-open 9:30 Monday 12th April. Unfortunately I will be closed on Thursday 15th I am currently looking like a Badger and the Hairdresser is calling.

As with all good news there is always the negative. It is proposed but I don’t think as yet the legislation has been full approval but from 30th April all single use carrier bags are chargeable at 10p. Small shops with less than 250 staff have been exempt from charging for carrier bags but the new rules mean all shops must charge. So get your bags for life ready.

The website is currently offering 15% off all wool sales until 11th April.  Prior to our re-opening on 12th April, there will be some bargains and “an offer” not sure what it will be as yet but watch this space for news.

I am going to add some accessories to the website, cable needles and stitch holders etc. They should be on by mid-week it’s getting the photos together that takes the time.

Also coming soon buttons-these will be matched with the baby yarns and available when purchasing yarn. Buttons will not be sold separately, this is due to the postage charges associated with small sales-sorry. Any number of buttons can be purchased with wool sales.

The much awaited Stylecraft Bambino Prints five new shades are now here and available in both shop and website.

£3.50- 100g 268m 100% premium Acrylic

As ever you can purchase from the website and collect in the shop from 12th April. Anyone local needing a delivery please message me.

Not much happening here this week.

Keep Knitting and Keep Safe.

Bargains Reduced to Clear

New bargains added to clearance section.

King Cole have discontinued some of their colours (C) or lines (L). Bargains available some at half price-when they are gone they are gone. There is a limited amount of free patterns (no baby patterns available but a couple of children’s in the Fashion Aran).

(L) King Cole Galaxy in 50g balls, RRP £4.00 now £2.00. Available in 4 colours some free patterns available.

(L) King Cole Spirit 100g, RRP £3.65 now £2.00. Available in 3 colours some free patterns available.

(L) King Cole Smooth 100g, RRP £4.00 now £2.00. Available in 4 colours some free patterns available.

(C) King Cole Combo Fashion Aran 100g balls RRP £4.19 now £2.00. Available in 5 colours available some free patterns available.

Also reduced:

James C Brett Stonewash DK reduced from £2.90 to £2.50 (RRP £3.13)

Stylecraft Merry Go Round DK from £4.20 to £3.80 (RRP £4.40)

Up-date on (re-introduced brand) Wendy and Peter Pan-it’s here. 100% wool Aran and Baby DK. I have added it to the web page-have a look.

Please note the webpage is secure. I have only just noticed that at checkout you have the option of paying on collection. That will be beneficial to people who don’t like putting their bank details on line. This will only apply from 12th April when we re-open.

Happy Knitting

What’s New for 2021?

The First – The Blog

Welcome to all things woolly. While the rest of the world has slowed down during the pandemic the development of exciting new yarns has continued.

I supply some of the top names in wool both online and in my shop. Stocked are Stylecraft, Sirdar, Hayfield, James Brett, King Cole and West Yorkshire Spinners (limited stock). Coming soon and an old favourite we thought had gone forever when the company ceased trading last year (read on).

Out now the new Stylecraft You and Me this is a self-striping Fair Isle effect yarn, meaning that it does the work for you, 6 shades with its own patterns. It is what I call lazy wool and one of the reasons people and (I include myself here) cannot knit Fair Isle or have tried and not persevered as it is easier to buy a wool that does it for you. All you need to do is knit a row and purl a row. No fighting with 3 different balls of wool to achieve the Fair Isle pattern you want.

RRP £4.95 205m 80% Premium Acrylic and 20% Cashmere Effect Polyamide.

Also out from Stylecraft later this month Wondersoft baby 2 ply with a cashmere feel but actually manmade fibres, stock due in at the end of the month. I have always found it difficult to get 2 ply in any other colour than white. The new colours are White Cream, Lemon, Pink, Mint, Blue, Jeans and Silver.

RRP £4.75 for 850m 50 % acrylic and 50% polyamide.

Stylecraft Baby Bambino DK Prints are introducing5 new colours to add to the 4 existing ones introduced last year, with new patterns. Watch this site; as soon as they arrive they will be available to buy.

£3.50- 100g 268m 100% premium Acrylic

I am always being asked for Wendy or Peter Pan wools but I have never stocked either of them. Last summer the company that owned and distributed Wendy and Peter Pan went into receivership. There is still a bit of these yarns around on various websites. The good news is the name was purchased and the brand is being re-introduced. I have checked and no stockist in West Yorkshire have yet bought into the brand. I am awaiting confirmation of my account details then will be ordering 100% Aran which comes in 200G balls at around £8 and the Peter Pan baby yarn. Once again once it arrives it will be available to buy on my website.

I think that’s all for now but there will be something exciting to introduce to you later on. Please check the clearance section on my website for some real bargains. When buying on the website you can have your purchases posted out to you or collect them from the shop, located in the Victorian Halifax Borough Market as Click and Collect. The great thing about the website is you can check we have what you want before you travel (if you are local).

Keep safe everyone and keep knitting/crocheting.

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